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Remote exams

Nov 30, 2020 7:00:00 AM

During a pandemic like the one we have been facing over the past year, many questions arise as to how we can continue to educate our students. How can we make sure the students are still learning efficiently? How can we carry out exams for the students who are not allowed to meet in a normal exam room? There are plenty of digital platforms you can use for online lectures, such as Zoom and Google Meet. The teachers and students can meet up and interact despite not being physically in the same location. However, how can we efficiently distribute learning material and carry out exams for students in a way that gives everyone a fair chance at succeeding? There are certainly plenty of challenges educational institutions are facing when it comes to solving this complex issue.

Inter Global College Foundation in the Philippines solved this issue by using the TERP technology to carry out their midterm exams remotely. The college located south of Manila had to find a way to run their programs despite the restrictions due to the corona pandemic. Poor internet connection is one of the main challenges in the Philippines, so having an app or a web service that works offline is essential for the students to succeed. TERP has addressed this issue head-on.

Inter Global uses the TERP Content app to create content and assessments. The students access the content and assessments through the Abooks app. The TERP Classroom app connects all the pieces, allowing the maritime college to carry out both distance learning and remote exams. Watch the video to learn more:

HubSpot Video


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